Our Promise

Convenience at the best price. We promise to do everything we can to make your transaction as easy as possible. We will ask for your feedback. We want to better understand frustrations in lending so we can implement technology improvements. To process your loan, we will never ask you to sign a piece of paper with a pen, or fax us a document like it’s 1999.

Our Team

Persistent and patient. Humble, but never complacent. Innovators and disrupters.


Our business has grown over the last three years all by word of mouth. The LoanVerify team is grateful to each and every one of our clients, friends, and family who have shared our good message. We kindly ask for your continued support.

Michael Fithian – Founder & Loan Advisor

Christian Allen – Chief Financial Officer

Rob Ares – Chief Technology Officer

Nicholas Schlueter – Mobile App Lead Developer

Pam Long – Digital Strategist