We wanted a more transparent lending process. So we built it ourselves.


Our mortgage app automates the lending process. Fewer people involved on our end means fewer salaries to pay and less office space to rent. And that means lower rates for you.

Answer 7 Questions

A typical mortgage application can look like a small novel. But the truth is that all of that application information isn’t necessary for every borrower. If you’re shopping for a mortgage with LoanVerify, you’re only 7 questions away from seeing all of your mortgage options in the palm of your hands.

Shop Mortgages & Compare Quotes

There’s no better way to compare mortgage rates and terms than having all of your options conveniently laid out at your fingertips. And since there are no fluff fees added to your rates, comparing mortgages is straightforward with no surprises.

Upload Documents

Don’t waste time scanning, mailing, emailing, or hand-delivering your paperwork – just upload everything to the app either by snapping a photo or by linking directly to GoogleDrive or DropBox.

Chat It Out

No need to call the office- communicate directly with your loan officer, realtor, and anyone involved in the transaction. All conversations are retained and easy to access, so for questions about your status, documentation, or if you’re ready to lock in your rate, just send a chat.

Close On Time

LoanVerify’s streamlined lending process ensures you won’t waste time with unnecessary communications or get buried under a mountain of paperwork. We use all of that saved time and energy to focus on closing your loan right on time!

Upgrade your mortgage experience.

With features like these, do you really need to pay for paper pushers at a big bank lender?

Answer 7 questions and shop multiple mortgage options in the palm of your hand

Send your lender & realtor documents by snapping a pic or linking directly to GoogleDrive or DropBox

Documents are securely stored and encrypted in-app for easy evaluation by your lender & realtor

Never miss a message using the intuitive communication portal featuring real-time push notifications

Once your docs are verified, get your pre-approval letter immediately in your LoanVerify inbox

Retain all closing documents electronically for 24/7 access in one convenient location