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Why Realtors & Brokers choose to partner with LoanVerify

VerifiedApproval® Issued same day!

  • Our Team reviews the borrowers credit, income & asset documentation. We process the loan through Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Computer Underwriting.
  • Our Team of licensed Loan Experts are here on weekends.

RealText® Status Updates

  • Appraisal, Title Commitment, CTC, Closing Docs & Wire sent. We
    keep you informed throughout the process.

Average Close Time – 12 days

  • We get loans closed fast!
  • More buyers into homes, more homes being sold.

Appraisal Promise

  • The appraisal report is emailed to the borrower within ten business days following payment. If the appraisal report is not complete in ten business days following payment, 1/2 of the appraisal cost is refunded to the borrower.

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